Daisy Moe Colorful Style 4B Eraser

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Product Code - DM-0070


Product Details

  • Product Name: Daisy Moe Colorful Style 4B Eraser

  • Product Code: DM-0070

  • Package Quantity: 1 Pcs

  • Color: Pink & Blue , Peach & Grey

  • Type: Eraser


  • 4B eraser has higher toughness than 2B eraser.

  • It is soft when wiped, and it is not easy to wipe paper.

  • 4B is mainly used for sketch and painting.

  • It comes 3 colors in 1 eraser.

  • Keep your drawings, sketches and art looking clean and fresh by minimizing smudges, lines and errors with artist kneaded erasers.